10 years  ago, we introduced our eco-friendly moving services. We designed our entire line of moving boxes into reusable moving containers. These containers are made from a plastic material that at the end of their life span are recycled into new ones.  If you are planning to move with Arthur Werner Moving & Storage, Inc locally, you are encouraged to try an eco friendly move. If we are performing the packing for you, these containers will arrive with the packing team.  If you are planning to pack yourself, you can still utilize these containers.  They will be delivered in advance and retrieved after you have completed unpacking. You may wonder if these boxes are clean.  Yes, they are very clean.  After each use, these boxes are cleaned and sanitized in house. Furthermore, we have and can provide inserts for the containers. However, please be aware that these inserts are not recyclable..
Durable, waterproof, and comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate any packing requirement. These containers are delivered to you with special labels so you can identify the contents. In addition these containers do not require any tape so you'll save time and money and they are crush-proof. 
When you think of green products, usually it means more expensive. Not in this case. The cost per box is lower than comparable cardboard boxes.  In addition, you will be saving time and the cost of tape. 



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