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Arthur Werner Moving & Storage, Inc. has been providing local services in the tri state area since 1910. We can help with just moving furniture around the house to fully packing and transporting your household goods to a new location. Our services include a storage facility, a full line of packing materials which can be delivered to your home with as little as 1 day advanced notice. Our service can be customized to meet any budget and our sales people will help you chose your best option. We are professionally trained to handle art, antiques and pianos. If custom crates are needed, our in-house shop will build them at discount prices. Our record with all state and federal agencies is flawless. Our guarantee of prices, honesty and customer commitment have made Arthur Werner one of the most referred movers in the area.


Our estimates are GUARANTEED.

Period. End of story



On-Site Estimates - Most negative move experiences are due to 2 factors that can easily be avoided. These are miscalculation of time and cost of the move. At Arthur Werner Moving & Storage, Inc., we make it a rule that if we are invited to bid on your move and perform an on-site estimate, we guarantee the price. Your move quote will be sent to you on the same day. It will describe the services you requested and those you will receive. This proposal will include all the charges such as labor, packing supplies, valuation, and any other charges which may apply to your move. This proposal is guaranteed not to exceed the quoted price. So, if it's big, fragile, and complicated, and requires experienced movers we are confident we are up to the task. 




Person Checking the Phone

Using FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom, we can conveniently and efficiently perform a visual estimate and provide you with a detailed and accurate quote. In addition, you are always invited to share photos or videos of your household contents. To schedule a virtual appointment, 

For onsite estimate please call  800 666-9292



Phones estimates can be time saving when you have a straightforward move.  This is when the customer is doing most of the packing and there are no complex or special handling requirements. It is important when calling for a phone estimate to have a good idea of the kind of services needed and good idea of the items being moved.

Tailored service to work with any budget

Basic service - Includes packing and protecting all furniture with clean, quilted moving blankets. All fabric furniture will be covered with shrink wrap or plastic covers prior to being wrapped with blankets. Any furniture being dismantled by the movers will be reassembled upon delivery in your new home. All hanging clothes will be packed into wardrobe boxes. All mattresses will be protected in mattress bags. In addition, we will pack all large breakables such as mirrors, tv's, lamps, wall artwork, and any items of this nature.  And we will move any content and boxes packed by you. 

Basic Plus - With this option, we will perform all packing and moving services described in Basic Service and in addition, we will pack all household breakables such as china, kitchen dishes, collectibles, curios, framed pictures, and any other breakables.

Full service - This is our highest level of service and includes full packing of all household contents, moving and full unpacking of household boxes if requested.

Clean, Lean, Green

 With over 10,000 containers in stock, we can accommodate any size of move whether it be your home or office.  These containers can be delivered in advance if you are planning to pack yourself or will be brought by the packing team on your packing day.  These containers are crush proof, waterproof, and tape free and are available in 3 different sizes to suit any packing need. In addition, they will make your packing easier and faster, not to mention that these boxes will save you time, money, and the need to dispose of refuse such as cardboard boxes after a move.  These containers are professionally cleaned after each use and are delivered to you with special labels to enable marking.

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