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cLIMATE CONTROLled, safe, clean, secure


Arthur Werner Moving & Storage, Inc. currently provides storage services and has facilities conveniently located in Bronx, New York and Bridgeport  Connecticut. Our warehouses are clean, safe, and have 24/7 security and fire  monitoring. When moving with us and storage is required, In addition, access to your storage space is available to you by appointment. Our storage can provide you with climate or non-climate controlled environments depending on your needs. When moving to our storage, we will provide you with a detailed inventory list of all items being stored with us. Use our storage facilities for as little as a day or as long as you need.


Whether or not you need  storage with climate control depends a lot on where you live in the country. If you live in a region that experiences all four seasons or a region that sees temperatures drop below 32 degrees or rise above 80 degrees, you may want to consider climate control.

Personal Comfort & Peace of Mind

A climate-controlled unit doesn’t just provide a protective environment for your belongings. It also makes visiting your storage unit on hot and cold days more comfortable. In addition, because most storage units with climate control are located inside a storage facility (rather than accessible outdoors), there’s another layer of privacy and safety for you and your stored items.



In addition to clean, safe, and climate control rooms, labor help is always available at no charge when you want to visit. And you can visit at any time. We provide full inventory listings of all belongings stored with us for your convenience. You are always able to use our warehouse to receive shipments. There is a minimum fee to receive and inspect shipments.

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